Spelunky Free Download

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Spelunky Free Download

File name: spelunky.gamehackstudios.zip

File size: 189.12 MB

(download instructions found in .zip file)



Spelunky Game Information

Game Name: Spelunky (remake)
Genre: Action-adventure, platformer
Developer(s): Derek Yu, Andy Hull, Blitworks
Publisher(s): Mossmouth
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4
Release date(s): September 1, 2009, August 8, 2013 (Remake)
PEGI Rating: 3+
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer (local co-op)



Spelunky System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or equivalent processor
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Video Card: 3D graphics card with DirectX 9.0C
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 200 MB



Spelunky PC Download

Finally, Spelunky is here! Note that this version is the remake of the game – released in 2013. Enjoy the full version Spelunky Free Download! Other games you’d enjoy, similar to Spelunky, are The Escapists (like, literally, this is more or less the modern clone of Spelunky!). Also play Portal 2 for some platform-puzzle craziness, Braid for a similar adventure style or Mirror’s Edge for some fast paced action (also a platform game). If you’re gonna play the last game, Mirror’s Edge, we strongly recommend for you the Oculus Rift… it really does make the game 5x cooler!





Spelunky Screenshots