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world of goo free download

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World of Goo Game Information

Game Name: World of Goo
Genre: Puzzle
Developer(s): 2D Boy
Publisher(s): 2D Boy, Nintendo
Platform(s): OS X, Mincrosoft Windows, Linux, iOS, WiiWare, Android, OnlIve, Blackberry 10
Release date(s): October 13th, 2008
PEGI Rating: 3+
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer



World of Goo System Requirements

  • Supported OS:Windows® XP or Vista
  • Processor:1GHz or faster
  • Memory:512+MB RAM
  • Video:Any 3D graphics accelerator less than 5 years old
  • DirectX® Version:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:100MB


World of Goo PC Download

World of Goo is a puzzle video game that was developed by 2D Boy and was published in 2009 by 2D Boy and Nintendo. It was distributed for the platforms OS X, Microsoft Windows, Linux, iOS, WiiWare, Android, OnLive, and BlackBerry. World of Goo features both single player and multiplayer modes.


The main point of World of Goo is to use the balls of goo to complete certain objectives throughout the gameplay. World of Goo is divided into a total of five chapters that each consist of multiple levels. Every level changes up the theme to offer up variation since the goal of the game is pretty much the same through the entire thing. The levels change through the music and graphics they offer.


The bonus mini game in World of Goo is called World of Goo Corporation. The goal of this separate game is to build up the tallest tower made of goo balls, using the goo balls you collected throughout the game. Players’ scores will be uploaded to a server for everyone to see so worldwide players of World of Goo can compete to beat each other’s high scores.


World of Goo levels place the player in a world where they must construct buildings of sorts to get to the exit point. There will be a pipe somewhere on the map to represent the exit and that what the player will build too. They could build a variety of things, such as bridges, towers, ladders, etc. Things will be in the way to present challenges to the player, such as hills, cliffs, and the exit may even be above the ground causing the player to build up towards the sky.


There are different types of goo in World of Goo. Each type of goo ball will interact differently with the world so it’s important to realize when to use which goo balls. The goo balls in World of Goo can be combined to make a goo that has qualities not offered in the game originally. Some levels require the combination of several goo balls to get the effect needed to reach the exit and complete the level.


There are actually four chapters in World of Goo, along with an epilogue section – so there are almost five total chapters. Each level actually represents an in game year and goes through each of the seasons. There are forty eight levels spread out among the five overall chapters in World of Goo.


One of these levels includes the World of Goo Corporation, which is a multiplayer setting. Players will view all of the other players’ towers in progress as clouds. It will be labeled with the name of the player, the height of their tower, and the specific number of goo balls used to create it. The goal is too get your own tower to exceed the height of all of the other towers.


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World of Goo Screenshots