Wolfenstein 3D Free Download

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Wolfenstein 3D Free Download

File name: wolfenstein3d.gamehackstudios.zip

File size: 5.41 MB

(download instructions found in .zip file)


Wolfenstein 3D Game Information

Game Name: Wolfenstein 3D
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer(s): id Software, Rebecca Heineman (3DO), Ninjaforce (Apple IIGS), Stalker Entertainment (Game Boy Advance), Nerve Software
Publisher(s): Apogee Software, Manaccom (Australia), Interplay Entertainment (3DO), BAM! Entertainment (Game Boy Advance), Atari Corporation (Jaguar), MacPlay (Macistosh), GT Interactive (USA) (1993), Zodttd (iOS), Activision (XBLA, PSN)
Platform(s): MS-DOS, Mac OS, Amiga 1200, AmigaOS 4, Apple IIGS, Acorn Archimedes, NEC PC-9801, SNES, Jaguar, GBA, 3DO, Windows Mobile, iOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s): May 5th, 1992 (first release)
PEGI Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Single-player



Wolfenstein 3D System Requirements (PC)

CPU: IBM 286 Computer
RAM: 528k of conventional memory
HDD: 3 meg of Hard Drive Space



Wolfenstein 3D PC Download


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