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cTotal War: Attila Game Information

Game Name: Total War: Attila
Genre: Turn-based strategy, real-time strategy
Developer(s): The Creative Assembly
Publisher(s): Sega
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release date(s): February 17th, 2014
Rating: 16+
Mode(s): Singleplayer, multiplayer



Total War: Attila System Requirements (PC)

Total War: Attila System Requirements


Total War: Attila PC Download

Total War: Attila is a the ninth turn based strategy game in the Total War series. It was developed by The Creative Assembly and is available on platforms Microsoft Windows. There is a single player and multiplayer mode. The game is set in 395 AD at the beginning of the dark ages. This world is facing famine, disease, and war. You read full details about the game on the game’s page in the Total War main website.


A new power is rising in the east and with a million horsemen at his side he is coming to Rome. Atilla will be able to become leaders of the Huns but he is not at the beginning of the campaign. Get Total War Attila Crack and Lead Atilla to his ultimate conquest and victory .


There are twelve different factions; Eastern Roman Empire, The Visigoths, The Vandals, The Sassanid Empire, The Alans, The Saxons, The Ostrogoths, The Franks, The Western Roman Empire, The Danes, The Geats, and The Jutes. Choose your favorite faction with Total War Attila Crack PC full version Download.


The Eastern Roman Empire is thriving economically because of the new Constantinople centre, trade tariffs, and treasury interest, while the Western Roman Empire is struggling. Play as either empires with Total War Attila Crack. There are new trade networks and reforms that are all run by a bureaucracy and state church.


The east has successfully lowered barbarian migration by sending them to the west. However, Emperor Arcadius in the West still needs to deal with barbarian threats. Alaric is leading Visigoth armies into the Roman lands of Thracia and Macedonia, regions near Constantinople.


The Huns forced the Visigoths to petition the Roman Empire Valens for sanctuary in his land. He accepted but local generals were brutal to the refugees and drove them to rebellion. Valens was killed on the battlefields trying to control the Visigoths. Under the authority of Alaric, the Visigoths fought the Franks in support of Emperor Theodosius. Even though they gained a victory the emperor did not reward them. Alaric now has his sights set on Rome for revenge (Note that in the beginning of the campaign the Visigoths are in Macedonia.)


The Vandals have been allies with Rome for quite some time. They were rewarded with the land of Pannonia. After the Huns arrived they were driven out of their land and must fight across Europe to a kingdom for themselves. They are located south of Germania in the start of the campaign. They are placed in a spot that borders Western Roman Empire territories and could possibly threaten the weakening empire.


The Alans begin the campaign in the edge of the Black Sea, close to the land of the Huns. Their warriors are peerless horsemen and they understand the value of their charges and know to keep them alive then the odds are not in their favor.


The Western Roman Empire has begun the campaign close to a breaking point with limited funds. They are unable to get their own house in order so will they be able to stand the raging barbarians. Download Total War Attila Crack and play with the Western Roman Empire defending against Attila’s hordes of Huns!


The Saxons are targeting northern provinces while other barbarians are fighting over the Western Empire. They are tempted to go for Brittania because they have raided them before. Which opportunity will they take to expand their empire?


All of these factions and more are raging war to secure and gain more land for their people. Download and play Total War: Attila crack full version to see who comes out on top.


Total War Attila is the game expansion of the epic Total War Series, this time set at the brink of the dark ages as the ruthless leader Attila marches down Northern Europe with his million riders. The Total War: Attila Crack offered on gamehackstudios is unique, fast and 100% secure. Enjoy!


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