Thief: The Dark Project Free Download

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Thief The Dark Project Free Download

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Thief: The Dark Project Game Information

Game Name: Thief: The Dark Project
Genre: Stealth
Developer(s): Looking Glass Studios
Publisher(s): Eldos Interactive
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date(s): November 30th. 1998
PEGI Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Single-player


Thief: The Dark Project System Requirements (PC)

Minimum Requirements:
CPU: Pentium 166(with 3D hardware acceleration)
RAM: 32MB of RAM
GPU: 4MB SVGA video card(100% DirectX 6 compatible)
4MB 3D Card(100% DirectX 6 compatible)
DX: DirectX 6 (included)
OS: Windows 95/98
HDD: 60MB Hard Disk space available
ODD: 4x speed CDROM drive


Thief: The Dark Project PC Download

Thief: The Dark Project is a first person stealth video game that was developed by Looking Glass Studios. Thief: The Dark Project was published by Eidos Interactive and was released in 1998 for Microsoft Windows.


Thief: The Dark Project is set up in a world called the city and it’s inspired by medieval times with a steampunk science fictional twist. The player’s character is named Garrett and he’s a very skilled thief that was specially trained by a secret group.


Players will view the three dimensional world of Thief: The Dark Project through a first person perspective through the eyes of Garrett. Thief: The Dark Project brings in aspects of stealth games by having players avoid direct confrontation. The amount of combat and defenses of the player are low in Thief: The Dark Project. Players are encouraged to use shadows and buildings to sneak around the map without being spotted.


Thief: The Dark Project features a heads up display that shows how visible the player’s character is in that moment. Player characters travel in a number of ways, such as crouching, swimming, running, leaning, and climbing. The method of movement used by the player may depend on the surface the character is surround by because different surfaces make different notice. For example, a soft carpet will hardly make any noise while a hard tile floor will definitely draw the attention of others.


There are some non-player characters that the player will come across in Thief: The Dark Project. Players can determine the characters location by listening to the sound of their footsteps and hearing what type of surface they are on. The game will also inform them on how suspicious they are and how close they are to the player’s character.


Players can distract the non-player character by making noises. They have to careful not to be seen so they may want to throw and object in the opposite direction and make a run for it.


Thief: The Dark Project consists of twelve levels total. Each level comes with a specific objective that usually calls for the player to steal something. The item must be stolen or the objective must be completed before they can move on to the next level.


There are three levels of difficulty for Thief: The Dark Project and this level will determine several things about the gameplay. Several things will change with each level to depending on the level of difficulty, such as the main objectives and the paths taken by the player. The majority of Thief: The Dark Project is open ended and unscripted, which makes it possible for players to become more engaged in the gameplay.


Although there is little combat, there is still some in Thief: The Dark Project. The player is given a sword which they will use to behead any enemies that come too close. The dead bodies of enemies can be picked up and moved out of the way by the player. Thief: The Dark Project also includes a bow so the player can carry out attacks from long ranges when necessary.


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