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the vanishing of ethan carter download full pc game free

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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Game Information

Game Name: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter
Genre: Adventure, fiction, horror
Developer(s): The Astronauts
Publisher(s): The Astronauts
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, OS X, Playstation 4
Release date(s): September 26th, 2014
Rating: PEGI – Mature 16+
Mode(s): Single-player



The Vanishing of Ethan System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
Video Card: DirectX9.0c compliant card with 512 MB of VRAM
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 9 GB

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PC Download

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter crack is a single-player, adventure, fiction horror game developed by The Astronauts and available for platforms Microsoft Windows (PC) and PlayStation 4. Players are put into an open world setting, where they are free to roam around and explore the world of Ethan Carter. Explore this world now with The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Download Free Crack. You can read more about the game in the Ethan Carter Website.


Players play as detective Paul Prospero. He receives a letter from Ethan Carter and goes to his families house in Red Creek Valley to help him. Ethan has vanished in a brutal murder and Paul sees that it’s not the only local murder he should be looking into.


Paul makes discoveries by supernaturally communicating with the dead and observation of the events surrounding the death. Communicate with the dead to uncover mysteries by installing The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Free Download.


You will uncover the story behind a trail of corpses, the origin of an ancient dark force in Red Creek Valley, and what happened to the missing boy and his family. Players can use special abilities to help solve crimes such as sensing the location of important objects and going back to the time of a certain death. Play The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Free Download and unlock these special abilities.


The Vanishing of Ethan Carter crack focuses greatly on incorporating storytelling into games. There are features of mental challenges which you must undertake as you play a detective, but it’s not a puzzle driven game. It aims to capture the atmosphere and mood that reveal the preeminent humanity in all of the game’s characters, including those involved or surrounding the case of the mysterious vanishing of Ethan Carter.


This atmosphere is prevalent throughout the whole game, which, coupled with some truly impressive graphics, make The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Download Free an exceptionally unique game. Play The Vanishing of Ethan Carter PC Download crack for free now!


The game allows you to explore and interact with the mysterious world of Red Valley Creek. The environment was created with photogrammetry technology which makes the game nearly photorealistic. As a player you experience the non-linear story that is inspired by writers such as; Raymond Chandler, Algernon Blackwood, Stefan Grabinski, and H. P. Lovecraft.


You are able to investigate whenever and however you want in your own time, leading to endless possibilities especially considering that the game is open world. The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Crack Download Free will allow you to play in Red Valley Creek and uncover the mysteries of this great game.


There’s no combat and a few scary parts, but the developers focused on an eerie atmosphere more than terror/horror. You also get to communicate with the dead about how they died to collect clues about how Ethan died and what’s happening to his family.


You learn about the death of all of Ethan’s family members and figure out why the family has experienced such bad luck, but we haven’t spoilt much so get cracking with this amazing right now with our Full Version PC Crack of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Download Free.


You can now experience the amazing graphics of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter completely free! Different games similar to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter are other mystery/investigation games. We would definitely recommend Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, which is more-or-less the father of mystery games and really brought the mystery genre forward. Unfortunately, mystery games are quite rare these days so do tell us what you thought of the game!



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