Tekken 3 Free Download

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Tekken 3 Free Download

File name: Tekken3.zip

File size: 1.92 GB

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Tekken 3 Game Information

Game Name: Tekken 3
Genre: Fighting
Developer(s): Namco

Producer(s): Masahiro Kimoto

Platform(s): Arcade, PlayStation, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Network

PEGI Rating: 18+

Mode(s): Multiplayer, single player

Release Date(s): 


  • March 20, 1997


  • JP March 26, 1998
  • NA April 29, 1998
  • EU September 12, 1998


Tekken 3 System Requirements


Tekken 3 is not available on PC

Tekken 3 PC Download

Fighting had never been so much fun before Tekken 3 free download. Following the ground breaking combat strategies like it’s predecessors, Tekken 3 free download is power packed with more in-depth details and characters. About fifteen new characters have been added to the roster with more realistic moves and skills to perform combos. Improvements in this version were mainly focused to make the game-play as real as possible. Several tweaks were made related to character capabilities like jumping and side stepping to dodge enemy punches and kicks in Tekken 3 free download.


Tekken 3 also introduced mini games like “Beat ’em up” and “Tekken Ball”. Beat ’em up requires the player to fight a string of enemies in a side scrolling manner. When the fighter beats the mini game four times, the character “Dr. Bosconovitch” is unlocked. If you’re capable of beating the newly unlocked character, you get to add it to your roster. Tekken Ball being a simpler game, provides the fighter with a ball which is meant to be shot towards the enemy area applying different combos and moves. Tekken 3 free download is much advanced than the previous versions in respect to graphics as well as game interface.


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Tekken 3 Screenshots