Minecraft Free Download

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File name: minecraft.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 214 MB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Minecraft Game Information Game Name: Minecraft Genre: Sandbox, Survival Developer(s): Mojang, 4J Studios Publisher(s): Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC) Release date(s): November 18, 2011 PEGI … Continued

H1Z1 Free Download

File Name: h1z1.zip File Size: 19.11 GB (Additional instructions found in download file)   H1Z1 Game Information Game Name: H1Z1 Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation, Strategy Developer(s): Sony Online Entertainment Publisher(s): Sony Online Entertainment Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), PS4 Release date(s): February 13th, … Continued

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Free Download

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File name: residentevilrevelations-2.gamehackstudios.zip (download instructions found in .zip file. UPDATE: All Episodes now released, available with this download)   Resident Evil Revelations 2 Game Information Game Name: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Genre: Survival horror Developer(s): Capcom Publisher(s): Capcom, Sony Computer Entertainment Platform(s): Microsoft … Continued

Dying Light Free Download

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File name: dyinglight.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 2.91 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Dying Light Game Information Game Name: Dying Light Genre: Survival horror Developer(s): Techland Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), PS4, Xbox One Release date(s): January 30th, 2015 PEGI … Continued

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Free Download

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File Size: 3.45 GB File Name: FNAF2.zip (Additional download instructions found in download file) Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Game Information Game Name: Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Genre: Survival horror, point-and-click Developer(s): Scott Cawthon Publisher(s): Steam Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), … Continued

Don’t Starve Together Free Download

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File name: starvetogether.zip File size: 478 MB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Don’t Starve Together Game Information Game Name: Don’t Starve Together Genre: Action-adventure, survival horror, sandbox, roguelike Developer(s): Klei Entertainment Publisher(s): Steam Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), Max OS X, Linux, … Continued

This War of Mine Free Download

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  File name: talesfromtheborderlands.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 2.83 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) This War of Mine Game Information Game Name: This War of Mine Genre: Action-Adventure Developer(s): 11 bit studios Publisher(s): 11 bit studios Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), Mac OS X, Xbox … Continued

Miscreated Free Download

File name: miscreated.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 18.64 GB (download instructions found in .zip file – note multiplayer servers are found at the bottom of this page)   Miscreated Game Information Game Name: Miscreated Genre: Horror-survival, sandbox MMO Developer(s): Miscreated Publisher(s): Miscreated Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release … Continued

Escape Dead Island Free Download

File name: escapedeadisland.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 4.84 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)     Escape Dead Island Game Information Game Name: Escape Dead Island Genre: Adventure, survival horror Developer(s): Fatshark Publisher(s): Deep Silver Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release date(s): … Continued

F.E.A.R Online Free Download

File name: fearonline.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 8.43 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) F.E.A.R Online Game Information Game Name: F.E.A.R Online Genre: First-person shooter, Survival horror Developer(s): Monolith Production, Day 1 Studios, Aeria Games, Timegate Studios Publisher(s): Vivendi Universal, WB Games Platform(s): Microsoft Windows … Continued