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File size: 7.3 GB

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Styx: Master of Shadows Game Information

Game Name: Styx: Master of Shadows
Genre: Stealth
Developer(s): Cyanide
Publisher(s): Focus Home Interactive
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release date(s): October 7th, 2014
Rating: Teen 13+
Mode(s): Single-player

Styx: Master of Shadows System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Info
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 8 GB


Styx: Master of Shadows PC Download

Styx: Master of Shadows is a stealth game that features Styx, the ugly and mischievous dwarf-like goblin creature, whom roams and explores the world all while hiding in the shadows – he must not be seen. He goes around trying to fulfill his wicked schemes. We last saw the ambitious Styx in Orcs of Men.


Following on from that story, he now wants to steal the elves valuable treasure for reasons he does not remember. Become the thief and assassin you’ve always wanted to be when you play Styx Master of Shadows with this free full game crack download. Install Styx: Master of Shadows Download Free and play one the best stealth games of 2014!


With Styx: Master of Shadows Crack, crawl through large maps and choose your path wisely as a wrong move can get you caught. You don’t have to rely on ninja skills to get you from one spot to another, you can throw knives to knock out distant enemies, or throw balls of sand into torches to put out the light and make you a shadow.


When you’re hidden in the shadow the tattoo on your arm and back will glow red, but be warned that if enemies are close enough they can still see you in the darkness. Sneak around town and don’t be seen be your enemies – this is the core of this stealth game. Get Styx: Master of Shadows Free Download PC Crack. 


In game, cloning yourself is the most useful way to get out of a dangerous situation. Styx can split up into multiple clones of himself that you can control to pull switches and distract guards so the real Styx can sneak past enemies. You have to pay with amber to create clones but once you destroy the clone the amber spent is returned to you.


The more complex abilities however will not give you your amber back. You earn more amber by using certain items to recover it. Using amber you can also gain the invisibility skill, which is one of the most important amber-bought ailities. However, it’s extremely expensive and doesn’t last very long, so it is not an ability you can rely on. Styx: Master of Shadows Download Crack allows you to explore all these abilities further so grab the full version free download now.


Other unique abilities include moving quieter (i.e. making less noise) while invisible, killing enemies from behind cover, hiding a clone in a chest that pops out automatically at enemies, etc. These abilities are purchased in between missions with experience points which are earned by completing objectives.


Most of these abilities are useless when it comes to the goal of the game. Stealth is what you want to focus on, and so gameplay, practice and the player’s abilities are of immense importance in a game such as Styx: Master of Shadows Free Download. See whether you’re up to the challenge by downloading the full version Styx PC Crack.


If you’re seen by a guard Styx is immediately put into combat mode. The guard will have a sword and you have to press the button to swing your sword with a precise timing or, put simply, you’re dead. If you repeatedly swing the w (for PC gamers) with correct timing you will block the guard’s sword and eventually kill him.


However, the combat aspect of Styx: Master of Shadows is really not at all that significant. This is not Assassins Creed, but a game which contains puzzle elements, tactics, and requires certain skill and practice at learning to “stay in the shadows”, as per the title.


Throughout Styx: Master of Shadows Free Download Full Version PC Crack, the game you encounter new challenges along with new variations of enemies. Some enemies are blind so it does not matter if you’re in their line of vision, but if you make the slightest noise they’ll hear you and attack.


Other enemies vary based on their resistance levels and cannot be killed by the knives you throw. Some even kill you as soon as they detect you, and the difficulty levels of the enemies you encounter increases as the game progresses. Fight against all sorts of enemies with this Styx Master of Shadows crack download free full version for PC.


Although the map is a decent size, you return to past locations on future levels. You may go back to the library or a prison that you’ve already gone through and the only difference is the enemy variation and objective. This fact make the world seem small and makes things tedious, which is one of the few drawbacks of this game.


Styx isn’t as modern as most stealth games go, which is why it is not well known, and considerably less popular than its stealth-game counterparts (e.g. Assassin’s Creed). Get Styx: Master of Shadows now with the direct link for download setup.


It’s not everyday that a video PC game of the stealth genre comes out – and when it does, it reminds us of how fun these games can be! Other stealth game we would recommend is of course games in the Assassis Creed series, such as Assassin’s Creed: Rogue. Also try out Thief which has very similar gameplay to Styx games.



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