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File size: 16.32 GB

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Sniper Elite 3 Game Information

Game Name: Sniper Elite III
Genre: Tactical Shooter, Stealth
Publisher(s): 505 Games, Rebellion Developments
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U
Release date(s): June 27th, 2014
PEGI Rating: Mature 17+
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplaer, co-op multiplayer



Sniper Elite 3 System Requirements

CPU: Intel Pentium D 3GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows Vista
Video Card: DX 10.0 with 256 MB VRAM (NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon HD 3870)
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 18 GB



Sniper Elite 3 PC Download

Sniper Elite III is a tactical shooter stealth video game and it is the third game in the Sniper Elite series. This game is the direct sequel to Sniper Elite V2. Sniper Elite III was developed by Rebellion Oxford and was published in 2014 by 505 Games and Rebellion Developments. Sniper Elite 3 Free Download is set up many years before the plot of the Sniper Elite V2.


The story follows the Office of Strategic Services officer named Karl Fairburne. This character is involved in the North African conflict that occurred during World War II and here he learns about a secret wonder weapon programmed by the Nazi forces.


Sniper Elite 3 Crack Download Free Full Version PC gameplay contains the same mechanics used in Sniper Elite V2. The players combat their way through giant battlefield maps that are based on the North African conflict. Once again the sniper rifle is the main weapon if the player and they have access to side weapons, such as submachine guns and pistols.


These weapons may be silenced if the situation calls for it. Sniper Elite 3 Free Download allows the player to use hand grenades along with tripwire booby traps, land mines, and booby traps. The weaponry aspects in Sniper Elite 3 Torrent Download PC Free are very similar to that of the Sniper Elite V2.


The stealth mechanics of Sniper Elite III PC Download Free Full Version Torrent Crack have been improved. There is an eye symbol in Sniper Elite 3 Free Download gameplay that will open or squint to represent the level of detection of the player to enemies.


The enemy soldiers in Sniper Elite 3 Download Free Full Version PC Crack will appear to have a circle meter above their heads that reveal their alert status. Players may be forced to move locations to avoid being spotted because of the white outlined figure that reveals their previous movement and location. The sniper shots may be covered in Sniper Elite 3 Torrent PC Download Free with a loud sound just like in the previous installments.


Sniper Elite 3 Free Full Version Crack Download contains a point system that was created for actions like stealth close-combat or sniper kills. The points add up and allow the player to work towards promotion to higher level ranks.


The map in Sniper Elite III Free Download features special reward items, such as collectors’ cards and unlock sniper nests, that player can look for and collect. Sniper Elite 3 Free Download also includes journal pages which tell the player more about the background information to the story.


The x-ray kill cam system that was introduced in the Sniper Elite V2 is returning in Sniper Elite 3 PC Crack Download. In the Sniper Elite V2 the camera only revealed the body’s internal structure at the point of impact, Sniper Elite 3 Free Download’s camera shows the cardiovascular, skeletal, and muscular systems of the body. The player will also be able to shoot at vehicles, but now they are able to shoot out the engine to disable the car.


You should also download Sniper Elite V2 (if you don’t already have it) by clicking here – download link. Other tactical shooters you can play are, for example, Valkyria Chronicles or Hitman.





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