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Resident Evil Game Information

Game Name: Resident Evil
Genre: Survival horror
Developer(s): Capcom
Publisher(s): Capcom
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Network
Release date(s): 22 March, 1996
PEGI Rating: 18+
Mode(s): Singleplayer
Supported Languages: English



Resident Evil System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Pentium III, Athlon MP
CPU Speed: Info
RAM: 64 MB
OS: Windows (Info)
Direct X DX 8
Free Disk Space: 512 MB



Resident Evil PC Download

Resident Evil is a survival horror video game that was developed and published by Capcom in 1996 for the platforms: Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Network. The Prequel to Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2, was more popular than the first game, and popularized the series even more.


The players of Resident Evil Free Download Full Version PC Crack will take on the role of one of the elite task force members, known as S.T.A.R.S., Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine. They will choose one of the two characters to use to explore the case of their missing team members in the Raccoon City.


Unfortunately, the player will get trapped in an abandoned mansion filled with zombies and other kinds of monsters! The gameplay consists of the player discovering clues throughout this building to figure out mysterious puzzles. Resident Evil PC Download Free allows for several different endings depending on what choices the player makes.


Resident Evil Torrent Download PC places the player in the spot of a Special Tactics and Rescue Service member. The main goal of the gameplay is to find out what the deal is with the mansion full of monsters and to eventually make it out still alive.


The journey to solving the mystery of the mansion in Resident Evil Torrent Download Free Full Version Crack includes analyzing various documents that the player finds around the map. Players will also come across clues that will assist in solving the mystery and puzzles that are located around the mansion.


The character in Resident Evil Free Download PC Crack can be given weapons to protect themselves from the enemies. The player will have to use their weapons wisely as the fuel and ammo for the guns are not unlimited. There will be certain times in Resident Evil Download Free Full Version Game Download where the player will need the weapons and ammo more than they do in others, so conservation of weaponry is key to manage this scarcity of weapons!


Resident Evil Free Download does offer the ability to recover the health of the player’s character. One of the ways to heal is with first-aid spray, but there are also three healing herbs that can be mixed together to possess different healing powers. Players can only carry so many items with them so there is an item box where they can store things to be retrieved later in the game.


Resident Evil Mac Download has an option for the player to save their place in the game by collecting an ink ribbon and using it on any of the typewriters on the map. The number of ink ribbons, however, is limited just as the ammunition for weapons.


Resident Evil Crack Download Free Full Version PC features several endings that vary in the number of people saved by the player’s character. The ending of Resident Evil Torrent Download Free is chosen based on the path the player decides to take through the game’s plot. It is said that it is impossible to save all of the characters in the end, but there are better and worse endings.


The better endings will save more of the characters, while the worse ones will end with more of them dead and the mansion still a mystery to the player. Install and Play Resident Evil Free Download and get cracking with the first ever release of this epic series!


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