Prince of Persia Free Download (1989)

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Prince of Persia (1989)

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Prince of Persia (1989) Game Information

Game Name: Prince of Persia

Genre: Arcade

Developer(s): Broderbund

Publisher(s): Broderbund

Platform(s): Apple II, NEC PC-9801, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Atari ST, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega CD, Sega Master System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, TurboGrafx-CD

Release date(s): 

  • NA October 3, 1989
  • JP July, 1990
  • AU September, 1990

ESRB Rating: T (Teen)

Mode(s): Single Player

Prince of Persia (1989) System Requirements

Quite frankly, this game will run on any modern day PC with the aid of an emulator, DosBox is a great DOS emulator for both MAC and PC. Also, you can try and play the Flash version online at Prince of Persia 1, just make sure you have a modern internet browser and the latest adobe flash player installed and you’re good to go.

Prince of Persia 1 PC Download

The sultan of Persia is waging war in a foreign land, while back at home his Grand Vizier Jaffar is carrying out a coup. His scheme evolves to him kidnapping the Sultan’s beautiful daughter, and arranging a forced marriage. Our nameless hero whom the princess loves is thrown in the dungeons. Our hero has only an hour to get through all the hurdles on his way to the princess at the top of the palace. He faces a lot of danger such as guards, fatal falls, retractable doors. Get through all the 12 levels of this timeless classic, and save the princess.

This game has newer versions released:

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Prince of Persia The Warrior Within

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Prince of Persia (1989) Screenshots