Tanki Online Free Download

File name: tankionline.zip File size: 0.659 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)     Tanki Online Game Information Game Name: anki Online Genre: Action, Free to Play, Massively Multiplayer Developer: AlternativaPlatform Publisher: AlternativaPlatform Platform(s): Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, … Continued

Subsiege Free Download

File name: subsiege.zip File size: 3.14 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)     Subsiege Game Information Game Name: Subsiege Genre: Massively Multiplayer, Strategy, Early Access Developer: Icebird Studios , Aesir Interactive Publisher: Headup Games Platform(s): Windows 7 Release … Continued

Counter-Strike Online 2 Free Download

File name: csonline2.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 1.43 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Counter-Strike Online 2 Game Information Game Name: Counter-Strike Online 2 Genre: First-person shooter, MMO Developer(s): Nexon Corporation Publisher(s): Valve Corporation Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): December, 2013 PEGI Rating: Mature 17+ Mode(s): Multiplayer     Counter-Strike Online 2 System … Continued

Counter-Strike Online Free Download

File name: csonline.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 1.14GB (download instructions found in .zip file)     Counter-Strike Online Game Information Game Name: Counter-Strike Online Genre: First-person shooter, MMO Developer(s): Valve Corporation, Nexon Corporation Publisher(s): Valve Corporation, Nexon Corporation, TianCity, Gamania, IAHgames, Megaxus, PlayFPS, Nexon EU, Go Play Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): July 24, 2008 PEGI Rating: Mature 17+ Mode(s): Multiplayer … Continued

Sid Meier’s Pirates Free Download

File name: sidmeierspirates.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 1.38 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Sid Meier’s Pirates Free Download Game Name: Sid Meier’s Pirates! Genre: Strategy Developer(s): Firaxis Games, Full Fat, Robosoft Technologies, Virtuous Publisher(s): Atari, 2K Games, Valve Corporation, Feral Interactive Platform(s): Microsoft … Continued

Star Wars: The Old Republic Free Download (Multiplayer)

File name: theoldrepublic.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 14.89 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Information Game Name: Star Wars The Old Republic Genre: MMORPG, Role-playing Developer(s): Bioware Publisher(s): LucasArts, Electronic Arts Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): December 20th, 2011 PEGI … Continued

Need for Speed World Free Download

File size: 7.93 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Need for Speed World Game Information Game Name: Need for Speed: World Genre: Racing Developer(s): Quicklime Games Publisher(s): Electronic Arts Platform(s): Microsoft Windows PC Release date(s): July 27th, 2010 PEGI Rating: 12+ Mode(s): … Continued

Savage Lands Free Download

File name: savagelands.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 1.89 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Savage Lands Game Information Game Name: Savage Lands Genre: Action, Adventure, Simulation, Survival, RPG, Sandbox, MMO Developer(s): Signal Studios, DigitalDNA Games LLC Publisher(s): Signal Studios Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC) First … Continued

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