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Mortal Kombat Game Information (1992)

Game Name: Mortal Kombat (1992)
Genre: Fighting
Developer(s): Ed BoonJohn Tobias

  • Midway Games
  • THQ
  • NA/JP/EU Acclaim
    NA/JP/EU Arena
  • EU Virgin
  • BRA Tec Toy

Platform(s): Arcade

Release date(s): 

  • EU October 8, 1992
  • JP December 24, 1993
  • AU August 31, 1997

PEGI Rating: N/A
Mode(s): Single-player, Multiplayer (Up to 2 players)





Mortal Kombat System Requirements (PC)

See platforms which game runs on. Also works with MS-DOS (you can use programmes which read MS-DOS to play this earliest version of Mortal Kombat).



Mortal kombat PC Download (1992)

Mortal Kombat is the first game in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series by Midway. It was released in arcades in 1992. It centers on the 10th Mortal Kombat tournament and the ultimate defeat of the evil Shang Tsung by the shaolin monk Liu Kang.

The game was a response by Midway to Capcom’s highly successful fighting game Street Fighter II, which spawned a number of sequels and related games. However, it used a fighting system different from the Street Fighter formula, which was used in all sequels until Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance.


The controls consisted of five buttons arranged in an “X” pattern: a high punch, a high kick, a low punch, a low kick, and a block button, as well as an eight-way joystick. Unlike Street Fighter, characters did not block while retreating or crouching, but required pushing the block button to low block. Even then, characters would take (reduced) damage from any hit while blocking.


If the two fighters were close to each other, hitting any of the attack buttons would result in a different strike: a low punch turned into an unblockable throw, a high punch turned into a heavy elbow or backhand, and either kick turned into a knee strike. Crouching and hitting either punch resulted in an uppercut, which was the heaviest strike of the game. Jump kicking and crouch-kicking were executed in a similar fashion to Street Fighter.


Mortal Kombat Screenshots (1992)