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Minecraft Game Information

Game Name: Minecraft
Genre: Sandbox, Survival
Developer(s): Mojang, 4J Studios
Publisher(s): Mojang, Microsoft Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release date(s): November 18, 2011
PEGI Rating: 7+ (ESRB: 10+)
Mode(s): Single-player, multiplayer



Minecraft System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Intel P4/NetBurst Architecture or its AMD Equivalent (AMD K7)
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP or better
Video Card: Intel GMA 950 or AMD Equivalent
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 200 MB



Minecraft PC Download

Minecraft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang and published by Microsoft Studios. The free full version Minecraft download is available for the platforms; Windows, OS X, Linux, Java Platform, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita. You can read more about Minecraft on their official website and get their standalone Minecraft download. You should also download the Minecraft: Pocket Edition (Minecraft: PE) here.


Game Modes

Once the launcher is downloaded it can open up the single player and multiplayer game modes of Minecraft PC Download. Specific game modes within single player and multiplayer include; survival, creative, adventure, hardcore, spectator, and demo mode.


Survival mode:

Survival mode consists of collecting resources that can be used in crafting, building, and improving player defenses. Survival single player worlds of the Minecraft Free Download PC can be accessed and played without internet connection, but multiplayer does require the player to be connected to the internet so they can interact with other users. The player will start at the spawn point of the world they joined with an empty inventory. In order to access the inventory on pc, players can press ‘E’.


In Full Version Minecraft Free Download, players must survive the first night which is the hardest because they haven’t got any supplies yet. All basic tools require wood to be crafted so players have to find trees to punch for wooden logs. After picking the wood up it needs to be turned into planks and a few sticks as well. The most important thing a player will make is a crafting table, consisting of four wooden planks, because this is where all other items are crafted.


Players have to start out with wooden tools, or at least a wooden pickaxe so they can mine stone. With the stone they can craft a set of stone tools including a sword, pickaxe, shovel, and axe. Once the handy tools have been acquired, the player should build a house to stay in for the night in Minecraft Free PC Download. Most houses have a bed, chests, crafting table, and furnace.


A home will provide a space to store excess materials, since the inventory space is limited, and safety from the world at night when enemy mobs spawn. This is a basic house, later on the player may want to add a farm for crops and pens for animals so they have a consistent source of food. Mining, of course, is a major aspect of Minecraft Free Download Full Version Crack survival mode. Mining trips will be most successful if the player takes certain things with them, such as torches, pickaxes, lots of food, a sword, a crafting table, and extra wood.


Players might find exposed caves or ravines that they can explore for ores. They can also just dig their way underground until they run into a cave system, but digging straight down is not recommended because they could fall into lava and die as well as have all of their items burned and lost forever. Various ores will be found when mining and one of them is iron. Iron ore is smelted in a furnace to turn it into iron ingots which are used in crafting armor and tools. After mining for long enough in Minecraft Free Download the player is likely to run into some diamonds which are the rarest ore in the game. Diamonds can only be mined with an iron pickaxe so upgrade your wooden and stone ones. With three diamonds a diamond pickaxe can be crafted to mine some obsidian, a really tough block to break.


Obsidian and spare diamonds can be crafted together to make an enchantment table. Now the player can use the experience levels they’ve gained from killing mobs, mining, and smelting in Minecraft Free Full Version Download, to level up their tools and armor with specific enchantments. A portal to the Nether is made from obsidian too. Going through the portal transports the player to the Nether which is another dimension with new blocks, items, and mobs. In the Nether the player can find nether fortresses to kill blazes for the blaze rods that they drop. Potions are brewed using blaze rods and other ingredients.


Potions are needed to get the player to the End. Back in the Overworld of Minecraft Crack Free Download, players can kill endermen for ender pearls which can be mixed with blaze powder to craft eyes of ender. Tossing eyes of ender will lead the player to the stronghold that contains the end portal.


More eyes of ender are used to fix the end portal and allow the player to enter the End dimension. The Ender Dragon will need to be killed to see the story and credits of Minecraft Free Download before being transported back to the worlds spawn point. The world can continue to be explored once the ender dragon is beaten. This structure is just the way the game is set up to have goals for players to work towards, but players can take on any purpose and play as they wish with the Minecraft Crack.


Creative Mode:

Creative mode is another one of the major game modes, but it doesn’t involve any aspect of survival. Players do not have a hunger or health bar so the only possible way for them to die is by either using the /kill command or falling into the void. Creative mode allows players to construct large builds because they have access to an infinite number of blocks, are able to fly, and can instantly destroy even the normally unbreakable blocks. In a single player creative mode world in of Minecraft Free Download, if the cheats are enabled it can be switched to other game modes like survival.


The inventory in creative mode is very different from that of the single players. It is shown as the item selection screen and it contains all blocks and items in the various tabs. The tabs help organize the items to make it easier for players to find them since there are so many available. The different tabs are food items, building blocks, decorations, tools, weapons, redstone, etc.


A survival like inventory is also accessible through the tabs in Minecraft Full Version Download Free. Items that are dropped will go to the survival inspired inventory if the hot bar is already full. The flying feature is activated by double tapping the space bar and the space bar and shift key bring players up and down. Creative mode is used a lot for building maps and such for mini games on multiplayer servers.


Adventure mode:

In the full version PC Minecraft free download,  adventure game mode is used to protect player built maps. Adventure mode prevents players from being able to destroy items by hand. Players have to use items that have the CanDestroy tag to destroy blocks and items with the CanPlace tag to place them. Although there is limited interaction between the players and the world, players can still interact with; mobs, frames, paintings, and mechanisms. Trading is also an available feature in adventure mode worlds.


Hardcore mode:

The hardcore game mode in Minecraft Free Download is similar to survival mode except there is no respawning. Once a player dies the world is deleted so there are no second chances. Hardcore mode is basically just survival mode because the only difference between the difficulty setting hard and hardcore is the inability to change difficulty while playing the world and to respawn. If the player dies they are just taken back to the Minecraft title screen.  It provides an exciting challenge to more experienced players.


Spectator mode:

Spectator game mode in Minecraft Free Download is used mostly on multiplayer mini game servers. For example when one of the players in a game of the survival games, based off of the hunger games, dies they are put into spectator mode. Spectator mode enables players to fly around so they can observe the world without actually interacting with it in any way. All spectators can do is fly, follow players that aren’t spectating or explore the world, and see invisible players.


Spectators are always flying even when they land they don’t disable flying mode in the Minecraft Free Download. They can go into mob view though, which means they can see what it sees by left clicking it. Their point of view moves with that of the moving creature. Since players cannot interact with any mobs, items, or any part of the world spectator mode is just used for spectating a game.


When playing either survival or hardcore mode in Minecraft Free Full Version Download, crafting is used to make things such as tools, armor, and materials. To craft something the player can open the 2×2 crafting space in their inventory. Smaller items can be crafted there but most items need a 3×3 crafting space which is accessed by right clicking on a crafting table. Some items, shapeless recipes, can have their ingredients placed anywhere in the crafting grid. The more useful items are made with fixed recipes where the ingredients have to be placed in specific relative positions.


If the resources are placed in the correct order they can be placed in the crafting table anywhere that it fits. An example from Minecraft Crack is the recipe for bread, it needs three pieces of wheat in a row. The wheat can be placed in the top, middle, or bottom row of the grid but have to be done on the 3×3 grid because the recipe if 3 items wide. The recipes for all items are listed on the Minecraft wiki page for players to reference.


Specific crafted items have an item durability which is shown by a durability bar under each item. The bar shows how long much longer the item can be used before it breaks. In Minecraft Free Download, items like weapons, tools, and armor all have an item durability. Items made of resources such as wood or gold are weaker and have a shorter durability, while items made of diamonds and iron will last longer because they are made of stronger materials.


Players can repair items that are not completely worn out with an anvil. To repair an item the player needs two of the slightly damaged items so they can be combined to create one of the items, but less damaged. The anvil needs something else though in order to repair items in Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Crack. If it is a diamond item being repaired, it also needs a diamond, if it’s a golden item it need a golden ingot, iron items an iron ingot, etc.


When a player breaks one block or hits a mob that is counted as a use. If a block is only partially broken it is not counted as a use. Using tools for their proper purpose gives players the maximum durability of an item. If the player is using their tools properly the maximum number of uses for each material is; wood has 60 uses, stone has 132 uses, iron has 251 uses, gold has 33 uses, and diamond has 1,562 uses. Even though gold tools have the lowest durability in Minecraft Free Download, they break things the quickest of all the tools with no enchantments. Golden swords have the same attack strength as a wooden sword, but they receive the best enchantments.


Furnaces and Smelting

Smelting is similar to crafting because you put in certain ingredients to get a new product. Smelting can also be described as melting, baking, or cooking. Players need a furnace, crafted with eight blocks of cobblestone, to smelt items. Furnaces in Minecraft Free Download have a slot for the fuel, the input item, and a space for the smelted item to go when it’s finished. Players can use coal, saplings, wood, wooden items, or a bucket of lava to fuel their furnaces.


Once the furnace is loaded with fuel and an item to be smelted, it will begin smelting even when the player closes the furnace menu in Minecraft Free Download. There is a fire indicator that fills up when one piece of the fuel is being burned. When that piece of fuel has been burned the fire will go down and if there is still more fuel in the furnace it will burn another piece. If there is no more fuel left the smelting will stop and the item may remain uncooked until the fuel is reloaded. An arrow icon on the furnace menu shows the cooking process.


Smelting each item in Minecraft Download Free Crack takes ten seconds and the time left for smelting is represented through the arrow filling up. Once the arrow is completely filled up the item will move from the input slot to the output slot as a smelted item. Players can leave their furnaces while they are smelting and they will continue unless the player travels so far away that the chunks unload. If this happens the smelting will pause until the player returns.


Smelting also pauses if players leave the dimension the furnace is in until they return. If a player uses a bed to sleep the smelting process will continue at its pace and will not act as if more time has passed. That’s because when a player sleeps in Minecraft Free Download, time doesn’t actually pass by quicker, the game just sets the time from night to day. Smelting is used to cook raw meat like pork chops, beef, and fish, and cook vegetables like potatoes. It is also used to smelt ores and blocks for ingots and materials.


There is iron ore and gold ore which when smelted result in gold and iron ingots. Smelting sand gives the player glass which can be crafted into windows. Cobblestone turns into smooth stone when smelted. There are various uses for smelting so it is important especially when it comes to getting ingredients for crafting in Minecraft Free Download.



Brewing is the process of creating potions by adding various ingredients to a water bottle in a brewing stand. There are two types of potions in the Full Minecraft Free Game Download, normal potions that you can drink yourself, and splash potions that can be thrown at other players. The player needs to craft a brewing stand which consists of a blaze rod, from the nether, and cobblestone. All potions start out with a water bottle, a glass bottle filled with water. The glass bottle can be filled at a water source or at a cauldron.


It is recommended to use a water source, made by putting two water blocks in a 4×4 area, instead of a cauldron because it provides unlimited bottles of water. In Minecraft Free Crack Download cauldrons only fill three glass bottle before needing to be refilled and they use up a lot of iron ingots, especially if the player makes buckets to constantly refill it. Before specific potions can be brewed the water bottles must be brewed with nether wart in the brewing stand to create an awkward potion.


Awkward potions have no effect they’re just the required base for potions with effects. Each potion has a recipe in Minecraft Free Download, so the player has to brew the other main ingredients into the awkward potion. Other ingredients, such as redstone, can be added to the working potion to either give it a longer duration or make the effect harmful. Finally brewing in some gunpowder to the potion will transform it into a splash potion, allowing it to be thrown to radiate its effect all around where it was broken.


Most of the potions available can be used in combat to help the player by giving them defensive effects like fire resistance or healing. Some potions in Minecraft Free Full Version Download can be thrown to weaken surrounding enemies. Collecting the necessary blaze rods and nether wart can be challenging because these resources are found only in the nether dimension, but brewing provides useful potions.



In the PC edition of Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Crack, there are 39 achievements that players can accomplish. They are there to help guide new players through the basics of Minecraft. Some players may choose to set a goal and achieve every achievement. They don’t have to be finished they’re just there for fun. Achievements can be completed in any of the game modes, including creative mode. When a player completes an achievement a message pops up on the screen telling what achievement they earned. The achievements of Minecraft Free Download include basic things like taking inventory, getting wood, benchmarking, etc. Completing every achievement may be how a player wants to play the game of Minecraft Free Download.


Geography of Minecraft

The world of Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Crack is split up into regions of different geographical features called biomes. The environments that the world is separated into are just like environments found in the real world. Each biome differs in geographical features, flora, heights, temperatures, humidity, sky, and foliage colors. The temperature of the biome determines if it will snow or rain. The temperature values range from 0-1. It has to be below 0.15 for it snow and between 0.15-0.95 for it to rain. If a biomes temperature value is greater than 1 it will not snow or rain.


In Minecraft Cracked Game Free Game Download Online Servers the biomes are split into five categories based on their temperature: snow-covered, cold, medium, dry/warm, and neutral. The separation was created to prevent biomes of great temperature differences from being placed beside each other. Biomes can be identified by the color of the grass and leaves as well as by the types of blocks seen. In snowy biomes it snows at any height and the grass and leaves are an aqua-green color. The snowy biomes of Minecraft Free Download include: frozen rivers, ice plains, ice plain spikes, cold beach, and cold taiga. Inside cold biomes it starts to snow at a certain height and below the 256 blocks height limit. At other heights it just rains.


Cold biomes also have aqua-green grass and foliage. Some of the cold biomes include; extreme hills, taiga, mega taiga, mega spruce taiga, stone beach, and the end. Medium biomes have rain except for the snow that begins over the 256 block height limit. The grass here is a bright lime green, except for in the swamps and roofed forests which have a dark green grass. The lush medium biomes of Minecraft Free Download include; plains, sunflower plains, forests, flower forests, swamplands, rivers, beaches, jungles, jungle edges, birch forests, birch forest hills, roofed forests, and mushroom island.


The warm and dry biomes don’t have rain or snow at all and the grass here is an olive green. The dry biomes are; deserts, savannas, mesas, plateaus, and the nether. Neutral biomes consist of more water than they do exposed land. The grasses here are usually a dull green. The neutral biomes are oceans, deep oceans, and hills. Players can explore the world of Minecraft Free Download for these biomes because of the different resources they offer. Resources specific to biomes include sand, ice, cactus, flowers, mushrooms, different types of wood, and special blocks.



Players will gain experience levels from the experience bubbles they pick up from killing mobs or mining/smelting. Experience levels are used in the Minecraft Full Version Download to enchant armor, tools, and weapons, and books with one or more enchantment that improves the items abilities. In survival mode there are four ways to enchant items. With experience points and lapis lazuli items can be enchanted through an enchantment table.


By using an anvil if the player has two items with different enchantments they can be combined into one item that has each enchantment. In Minecraft Free Download an anvil can also be used to enchant an item with an enchanted book, but it also costs experience points. Villagers offer trades of enchanted items for emeralds, this way doesn’t cost any experience points. Enchantment tables are accessed by right clicking on them. They have open slots for the item the player is enchanting and for the lapis lazuli required for an enchantment.


After the player places their item in the table three random options will pop up. The glyphs written on each of the options in Minecraft Free Download are meaningless but these are the enchantments that can be chosen to be applied to the item. Only the enchantments shown with a level requirement equal to or below the players experience level can be chosen even if ones above are presented on the table. The levels required for an enchantment change the quantity, type, and level of the enchantments on the items. Higher experience levels result in more and better enchantments.


The enchantments given in Minecraft Download Free PC are still mostly random though so even a level 30 enchantment doesn’t guarantee a more than one enchantment. Since it’s not possible to enchant items that have already been enchanted it’s wise to use enchanted books. Players of the Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Crack can enchant a book in case they aren’t happy with the enchantment they get. If they want the enchantment the book got on one of their items they can use an anvil to transfer it over. Not all levels require the same amount of experience, as the players current level increases so does the amount of experience needed to go up another level.


Enchanting using a level that is closest to the players level is wise because it makes the experience cost worth the time. In Minecraft Free Download it is also not recommended to enchant low durability tools weaker than iron because they are essentially just a waste of the players levels. Anvils are used to combine the enchantments of two items. One of the items disappear and give its enchantment to the other item, it also helps repair the other item. These two items have to be the same type and there are limitations to what enchantments can be combined.


If combining the two items the player of Minecraft Free Download will put the item they want to keep in the first slot and the item being sacrificed in the second slot. If the combination of enchantments isn’t restricted the resulting enchanted item will appear in the output slot of the anvil. The experience level cost will also appear below, in green if the player has enough levels and in red if they do not. The cost depends on the enchantment, higher value enchantments cost more than lower value enchantments. It will also cost more levels if the item is also being repaired in Free Download Minecraft (Online Servers Crack).



Mobs are the living entities that move around the game of Minecraft Free Download. The mobs are affected by the environment just as a player would be. They can fall and take damage because of physics and be harmed in any other way players could. When mobs die or are killed they drop items whether it be food or a special item specific to the creature. Mobs spawn randomly and can also be spawned in through spawn eggs by players in creative mode. Most of the Minecraft Free Download mobs recognize the player if they are within 16 blocks of them, but some can see players even farther. There are different types of mobs in Minecraft Free Download Full Version PC Crack.


Passive mobs won’t ever attack a player. Farm animals, like chickens, cows, pigs, and sheep, are passive mobs. They tend to spawn on well-lit grass and can be bred by players. Other passive mobs are horses, ocelots, bats, squid, villagers, and rabbits. These don’t drop food like the farm animals do, but they still drop useful resources.


Horses can be ridden around by the player if they are wearing a saddle. Horses only spawn in plain and savanna biomes so the player might have to do some adventuring to find one. Ocelots are cats in Minecraft Free Download that spawn in jungles and can be tamed to be the players pet. Pets will follow the player unless they are told to sit and stay in a spot. Squids are only found in water and they drop ink when they are killed.


Villagers spawn in their village and are used for trading. Neutral mobs are another type of mob and they only attack players is they are provoked. Neutral mobs in Minecraft Free Download are cave spiders, endermen, spiders, wolves, and zombie pigmen. Endermen are provoked by either hitting them or looking at their face. When killed endermen dropped ender pearls which can be thrown to transport to wherever they land.


Spiders and cave spiders that spawn in light levels below 7 are hostile and will attack but when they are above light level of 12 they are neutral, unless attacked first. Wolves will not attack unless they are hit and they can be tamed to be the players pet just like the ocelots in Minecraft Full Version Crack Free Download.


Zombie pigmen are only in the nether and if they are hit a crowd of them will surround the player and attack them. Hostile mobs will attack the player when they are close enough. The hostile mobs are creepers, ghasts, skeletons, witches, zombies, and more. Creepers will blow up if they get too close to a player unless they are killed first.


Creepers drop gunpowder which can be used for crafting fireworks and dynamite. Skeletons have a bow and arrows and will shoot the players that within their range. They drop bones and arrows. Zombies follow players when they are seen and will damage them each time they are touched until killed.


Minecraft Crack Download

You can install Minecraft Free Download for free using the download button above. Games similar to Minecraft include Garry’s Mod and Trove.




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