Layers of Fear: Inheritance Free Download

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Layers of Fear- Inheritance Free Download

File name: LayersofFear:

File size: 811.935 MB

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Layers Of Fear : Inheritance Game Information

Game Name: Layers of Fear : Inheritance

Genre: Adventure, Indie

Mode(s): Single-player

Developer(s): Bloober Team SA

Publisher(s): Aspyr

Platform(s): Linux , Microsoft Windows , OS X , PlayStation 4 ,Xbox One

Release date(s): 2 Aug, 2016

PEGI Rating: 12+



Layers of Fear : Inheritance System Requirements (Windows)


  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core2 Quad Q8400
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 1GB / Radeon R7 250X 1GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 5 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: Supported Gamepads: Microsoft Xbox 360 Games for Windows (Wired), Microsoft Xbox One Controller (Wired), Sony PS4 DualShock 4 controller (wired), Steam Controller



Layers of Fear: Inheritance PC Download

The Layers of Fear: Inheritance starring in the base game known painter dire fate daughter. Then he could tell his father about mental collapse, which was not only a witness but also victim. While adults lived in constant terror of mind, in addition to some alkoholmámoros evening he had even visited the artist’s hand. We already know that the once popular painter’s life was in ruins, he beats his wife and child while trying to finish his life’s masterpiece – this is used by the body of your loved one or a small piece. The Victorian house in the dark force at work that shows a different face of the girl’s point of view, who is now an adult return, and again go through the ever changing rooms and corridors.

The memories of the way they break themselves mercilessly, and she hopes that now a mature head to get answers to the question of exactly why family members died. Thus the narrative in flashback and inner monologue is based on and subject to the completion of two cselekedeteinktől waiting for us. Although it was three of the main game, though it is played through the Layers of Fear, is not affected by the additional happenings. The kick straight to the letcho tap, hear our father, who was arguing with his wife and us, while another painting to deteriorate. already we find ourselves in the mansion after a minute, no flashlight in hand and we start exploring.

The gameplay has not changed in any of the DLC: items are tested and we are searching through cabinets, while the last moments we experience again. This time we get a couple of jump scare scene – this is definitely the need to learn, even though the overwhelming, claustrophobic atmosphere continues to permeate the entire game.

Rot and mold covered the walls. You were a child you were afraid to go down to the basement? Well now is your throat and beating of your heart. Of course, the ever-changing corridors, rooms promise an almost psychedelic experience, but not nearly as scary throughout, as in the main game itself. Anno did not know exactly what to expect, here is the novelty is gone. Whereas previously held between almost constant doubt the story – practically only found out at the very end all – in almost get straight answers to questions.

The art design is still appealing: the most beautiful renderings using Unity Engine speak. Although there are technical errors, but not intrusive. The extension PS4 runs a tiny bit more smoothly than the base game, though the more troubled portions still can fall down the frame rate. The sounds of music and synchronous continue to provide quality, kisujjból create a tension that made my stomach tightened as well.

I admit, I have the DLC is still the main player game we liked better. The storytelling is finally Bloober Team rágyúrt, and fear not the quantity, but also quality created. Together we feel miserable fate of the characters, yes, even the father, who was forced to because of the continuous compliance that – but he’s certainly not the bogeyman. Essentially a better fate destined to family Calvary could learn now, the change of perspective is definitely good on the Layers of Fear.


Layers of Fear : Inheritance Screenshots

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