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Dreamfall Chapters Game Information

Game Name: Dreamfall Chapters
Genre: Adventure
Developer(s): Red Thread Games, Blink Studios
Publisher(s): Red Thread Games
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, PlaySation Networks
Release date(s): October 21st, 2014
Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Single-player
Supported Languages: English, Norweigan



Dreamfall Chapters System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or equivalent
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows 7
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 5 GB


Dreamfall Chapters PC Download

Dreamfall Chapter is the sequel to Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. It’s a single-player adventure game that carries on the story from its first prequel. The story is set up in the year 2220 in the two parallel universes of Stark, a futuristic Earth, and Arcadia, the magical fantasy parallel.


The focus of the games are on exploring these worlds, interacting with the characters within them, and solving the problems you encounter while going through your characters main story-line. You can explore these worlds now with a free full version PC game Dreamfall Chapters Crack download.


The story picks up where the first left off. Starks population is now collapsing at a rapid pace as its residents are becoming increasingly addicted to dreamachines – a lucid dream creator. Zoe Castillo, the main character and protagonist of the game, which the player controls. discovered a conspiracy that was going to enslave Stark and Arcadia by stealing the people’s dreams. In the first game Zoe managed to put a stop to the conspirators plans, but she was left behind to die in the end of the first Dreamfall Chapters.


After the conclusion of the first part, Zoë, uncovering the conspiracy behind the dreamachines, failed to stop them from being released to the public and was left behind in a coma. Her mind is now trapped in the world called Storytime, along with the other users of the dreamachine. She uses her lucid dream powers to help others escape their nightmares but can’t stop them.


In the Sequel, Zoe is revived and she starts searching for her purpose in life again. The writers say the theme of the game is “chapters of life” of Zoe. Find out and play the exhilirating chapters of Zoe’s life with Dreamfall Chapters Free Full Version Crack Download.


Dreamfall Chapters features a 3D environment that has open exploration levels called Europolis and Marcuria. Players are rewarded for exploring and finding secrets. As the story progresses the locations will change according to the season. Quick travel from location to location is possible in Dreamfall Chapters, making gameplay extremely fast-paced and fun.


Travel through the different worlds with the Dreamfall Chapters Full Version Free Crack Download. It should be noted that there is no combat gameplay in Dreamfall Chapters. Rather, it consists of inter-character dialogue and exploration to solve puzzles. If you’re looking for a bloody fight then this definitely is not the game for you!


The linear plot has one set outcome but the sequence of events varies based on the choices the player makes. There is a recap of what happened in the previous game to catch up new players and in the end the story arc that the developers call “the Dreamers Cycle” will be revealed. They are expecting additional games to be added to The Longest Journey series, but this depend a lot on the success of Dreamfall Chapters.


She confronts the causes of the nightmares and wakes her real self up. She lost of her memories from the time she she first used the dreamachine. She starts a new life in Europolis, returns to her relationship with Reza, and volunteers as a political activist. She goes to therapy to try and regain her memories, but it doesn’t work.


While she’s living her life shadow figures are watching her from a distance.In Arcadia, the evil Azadi Empire is gaining back their power while they harvest dreams from Marcuria. Another theme of the game is how stories become reality. Every story begins in Storytime and the dreams come to life.


Dream Chapters: The Longest Journey was developed by Red Thread Games and Blink Studios, designed by Christer Sveen and Sigbjorn Galaen. It’s available for platforms Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Network, OS X, and Linux. GameHackStudios is proud to offer you this Dreamfall Chapters Full Version PC Crack free download and as always, we wish you very happy gaming!


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