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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Game Information

Game Name: Dragon Ball Xenoverse
Genre: Fighting-Action
Developer(s): Dimps
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Games
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
Release date(s): February 5th, 2015
Rating: 13+
Mode(s): Single-player, Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op
Supported Languages: English, Spanish, Portugese, Sedish, Norweigan, Danish, Italian, French, etc. et al.



Dragon Ball Xenoverse System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Info
CPU Speed: 2.3 GHz Dual Core or AMD equivalent
OS: Windows Vista or higher with latest Service Pack
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or equivalent
Free Disk Space: 10 GB


Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Download

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a fighting game that was developed by Dimps and published in 2015 by Bandai Namco Games for platforms; Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download was the fifteenth installment to the Dragon Ball series.


The gameplay of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crack Download Free is set up as battles. The battles take place in a 3D world that can be destroyed. The players are able to travel through the levels and are free to explore the great spaces of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse world. Players can fight in a variety of places, such as on a platform, in the air, or underwater. When players are on land they run and when underwater they swim.


As players fight in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download, there is a dialogue that continues through the battle. The fighters also express different feelings on their faces if they receive damage or hit an opponent.


The ki meter that has been seen in previous Dragon Ball games is returning to the Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Download Free Full Version Crack, as well as featuring a new meter. This green stamina meter can allow players to quickly disappear behind an enemy, if it all used at once, along with other super attacks such as the Kaio-ken.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download offers freedom to the players to adventure on planet Earth as it is in the Dragon Ball universe. Other locations are also open to exploration in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download full version PC Crack, including a new city which is where the new character originates from. Just as in previous Dragon Ball games, Goku will progress from his base form through each match so that he is gradually improving each time.


Some characters in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Full Version PC Download, however, will not be able to transform in this way because their transformation causes too many physical alterations to the character model. These characters will instead become separate characters for their new forms. Two characters that cannot transform are Frieza and Buu.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download PC contains many different features for its gameplay. The battles can be more than 1v1, they can go up to 3 vs 3. The new world setup of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download has a clock that had stopped but will start ticking once again in a futuristic city. The fights in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Crack are original as the player can choose to go up against strong enemies, such as Vegeta, Frieza, Cell, and more.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crack also has customizable characters so that players will have access to a large scale of options. Players will get to choose the physical features of their character from the following races; Earthling, Majin, Namekian, Saiyan, and Frieza. One of the producers of the DB X Z Free Download, Hirano, said that the customized characters have the chance to level up so that they may improve in their skill.


Each of the classes in the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Free Download also possess a unique set of special characteristics and beginning stats. An example of the exclusive skills is that the Namekians have the power to heal with items and earn regeneration when their health is low with their high health and defense skills. Saiyans don’t have a high health but they have high attack and grow even stronger after they are revived.


Another feature available in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Crack is the choice to become an apprentice. Players can become an apprentice with their customized characters to the characters from the original Dragon Ball in the Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Free Download. By apprenticing the players custom characters can gain their signature moves and outfits.


The storyline of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download begins with the Time Patrol being led by Future Tanks and the Future Warrior to the past. They are going back in time because the Time Breakers of Towa and Mira have started to mess with time, so the Time Patrol must put a stop to it before it’s too late.


The Future Warrior has the ability to go to different times on the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Downloads timeline with the use of a scroll titled the Book of Endings and Beginnings. After the Future Warrior reverses the problem caused by the Time Breakers, history will go back to its original course. The age the game is taking place in is the age 850, but it does skip around quite a lot due to the Time Breakers messing with history.


The Time Breakers who are destroying history are causing multiple changes to the timeline of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download. When Goku, Piccolo, and Gohan were battling Raditz, the Time Breakers interrupted to power up Raditz. This interference allowed Raditz to swerve on an attack from Gohan and escape the Full-Nelson Special Beam Cannon.


Goku was hit by the beam cannon and Piccolo was destroyed with an energy blast. After the battle, Vegeta didn’t kill Nappa and they are both powered up so that they transform into Great Apes for a battle against Goku.


Later on in the plot of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download the Time Breakers made it possible for Ginyu to swap bodies with Vegeta. The Ginyu force goes on to kill Vegeta, Gohan and Krillin. The force then attacks Goku, but he is capable of defending himself, until Ginyu swaps bodies with Goku, leaving Goku inside of Vegeta’s body. Goku is killed because Vegeta’s body wasn’t strong enough to endure the Kamehameha that was launched at him by Ginyu.


After this event, the Time Breakers interfere, yet again, with the plot of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free PC Download. Frieza started to win the battle which forced the Future Warrior to become involved. Frieza still beats the Future Warrior, Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo despite the intervention. He gained a dark power up and was eventually brought down by Goku and the Future Warrior.


During the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Full Download Free Crack Torrent Cell Games, Cell is given a dark power up and Mr. Satan is taken control of because Cell tried to kill him. The Cell Jr’s also become taken over and murder everyone except for Gohan. Goku was weak and couldn’t find the strength to move so he was defeated by Hercule who had gained a power up.


Gohan hadn’t used his real power yet so at the turning point of the Cell Games when Gohan and Cell are getting ready for their Kamehameha clash, Cell is powered up thanks to the Time Breakers and he kills Gohan with the help of 2 Cell Jr’s.


Farther into the gameplay of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download Torrent, Majin Buu receives the dark power up while fighting Super Saiyan 3 Goku. He split into 3 Buu’s. Piccolo was taken over by Demigra and he ends up killing Goten and Trunks before the Future Warrior can step in and return history to what it was supposed to be. Later on, Super Buu was taken control of by Demigra to blow up the Earth while fighting Gohan.


With the interference of the Future Warrior, Super Buu was changed into Kid Buu and challenges Gohan and the Super Warrior to a battle. This fight ends with the Earth being destroyed, but Goku did eventually save Hercule and the Future Warrior from the blast of the destruction. In the last battle against Kid Buu, Goku was too weak to face him alone and push the Super Spirit Bomb towards Kidd Buu, so the Future Warrior showed up to help him make use of the bomb.


When Beerus arrives at Earth in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Torrent Download, Buu is stopped in the middle of eating pudding by Vegeta to save some for Beerus. Unfortunately, Beerus does not get to enjoy his pudding because it is knocked out of his hands by Goten and Trunk’s ball. Beerus attacks them because he realizes that all of the other pudding was already gone because Buu ate all of it.


The Future Warrior arrives with the Z-Fighters to keep Beerus back so he can’t attack anymore. After this goes down, Beerus receives a dark power up and plans to destroy the Earth with an energy sphere. However, before Beerus has the chance to throw the ball of energy he turns and aims it at Demigra.


The ball misses Demigra because he barely missed him so he attempts to kill him with finger laser. Before you know it the Future Warrior is assisting Beerus in attacking Demigra. The Future Warrior attempts to defeat Demigra with the use of a golden ki enhanced punch through his chest, but the damage done by the Future Warrior only turns into dissipated dark energy and Demigra teleports out of sight.


The plot of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download gets crazy after a wormhole is revealed and starts moving people out of the time they belong in because the domination of Demigra causes a movement in history. A wormhole happens during Bardock’s last moments before he confronts Frieza. Frieza and his men are powered up by Towa and the Future Warrior has to, once again, get involved to make sure history goes back to the way it was meant to be.


The wormhole ends up devouring the Planet Vegeta and also swallows up Bardock. The Future Warrior tracks down the wormhole and arrives at the start of Videl, Goten, and Trunks confronting Broly about planet Earth. Broly gains a power up from Towa and the Future Warrior has to step in to control things.


Before Broly is defeated, he is sucked into the giant wormhole. The Future Warrior begins a journey following the wormhole that swallowed Broly and ends up on the Age 767 where Broly and Bardock come face to face on a dying Namek.


Just a few miles away, in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download, are SSJ Goku and Frieza having a battle. Towa plans on making Bardock and Broly see their enemies and want to kill both Goku and Frieza. Bardock is able to see the future so he knows that this is all wrong. He tells Broly that it is his son’s destiny to take down Frieza so he tries to distract Broly so that his son can go to battle with Frieza and fulfil his destiny.


The Future Warrior of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Torrent enters the scene and assists Broly before they can finish their fight. The Future Warrior removes both Broly and Frieza are removed and transported to Earth, with the use of Dragon Balls, where they can finish off their battle. Vegeta happens to see the battle and Bardock also sees Vegeta.


He asks him to create a powerball so he can become a Great Ape and fight Broly. It is clear that Vegeta is confused as to why he resembles Goku, but he agrees to make the powerball and stays to watch the battle from a distance. He doesn’t stay out of the fight for long though because he gets involved to help put Great Ape Bardock and the Future Warrior kill the time jumped Broly.


The battle between Broly and Frieza ended with Bardock being badly injured as he returned to his normal self. He claims that it was the best thing to happen because it proved that no one will mess with his son, before he finally dies from the damage he suffered. Vegeta is surprised that they actually killed Broly, but before he can even think about what just happened he is knocked out by Future Trunks.


The Future Trunk tells the Future Warrior that he should leave and he will take care of what happened. After failing to carry out their plan, Towa is revealed with what’s left of the cells of Mira and says they have failed but will return.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download features several game modes for players to take part in. One of the game modes is called Universe Mode and in this mode the player makes a Dragon Ball history that only they will know. There is a character that will mysteriously watch the player throughout the gameplay. He was seen watching the very first battle between Goku and Vegeta from the distant shadows.


This strange character is known as the Future Warrior. He has red hair, a scouter, and a Capsule Corporation logo on his sleeve. The Future Warrior will continually step into the gameplay battles. Bandai Namco tells us that it is almost intentional that the Future Warrior resembles the characteristics of other players in the Dragon Ball series.


The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crack  is adding two new items to the game; the Time Storage vault and a brand new city. The Time Storage Vault is similar to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber already seen in the games. The new city is high tech and seems to have a time machine in it.


The Time Storage Vault is guarded by the Future Trunk, a character who was once went back into the past to rescue his future. He was wearing clothes that looked like the ones he wore in the computer game as Time Patrol Trunks.


The Universal Mode of the Dragon Ball Xenoverse is considered to be the games story mode because it includes several sagas: Prologue, Saiyan Saga, Return of the Saiyans Saga, Ginyu Force Saga, Frieza Saga, Cell Saga, Android Saga, Maijn Buu Saga, God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Saga of the Demon God Demigra, and the Saga of Super Saiyan legend.


Another mode featured in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC Torrent is the Tenkaichi Budokai Mode. This is considered the World Tournament Mode for the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free Download Full Version PC. This is a returning mode from previous Dragon Ball games, but this is the first game to offer the Tournament Mode in real time game play.


Players will be able to go up against other players online and can also choose to spectate matches. The final mode in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse Free PC Download is called Villainous Mode and here is where players will battle against evil forms of Kid Buu, Frieza, and Cell. The Dragon Ball Xenoverse Crack Download PC Install includes up to 24 varying maps where battles take place.


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