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Crysis 3 Crack Download PC Free Full Version multiplayer

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Crysis 3 Game Information

Game Name: Crysis 3
Genre: First-person shooter
Developer(s): Crytek Frankfurt, Crytek UK
Publisher(s): Electronic arts
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date(s): February 19th, 2013
PEGI Rating: 16+
Mode(s): Singleplayer, Multiplayer



Crysis 3 System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Dual core CPU
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Video Card: DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM (Geforce GTS 450/Radeon HD 5770)



Crysis 3 PC Download

Crysis 3 is a first person shooter video game that was developed by Crytek UK and Crytek Frankfurt. It was released in 2013 by the publishers Electronic Arts for the platforms on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Android. Crysis 3 is the sequel to Crysis 2 and it is the third major game in the Crysis series.


The setting of Crysis 3 is in New York just like Crysis 2. Players get to choose how they play whether it be choosing to face the opponents head on or sneaking around to take them by surprise. The buildings and ruins of New York City allow players the option to navigate their way through the different stories of the skyscrapers and such.


Several features are included in Crysis 3, such as new weapons and the hacking skill. One of the new weapons is actually what the enemy known as the Ceph uses against the player. Now the player can kill the Cephs with their very own weapon. The hacking feature enables players access to security pass codes, weapon boxes, the technology of the Cephs, laser beams, and enemy turrets.


Crysis 3 offers a multiplayer mode where a total of sixteen players can play together. There are eight different game modes available for multiplayer play and twelve maps they can play on. Each game mode includes a separate set of rules and system for earning experience points.


Deathmatch is the first game mode in the multiplayer setting on Crysis 3. Each of the twelve players will be on their own so there are no teams. They will fight against each other and strive to keep as many lives as possible. The deathmatch will last for ten minutes. Once it’s over the player who killed the most enemies will be the winner.


There is also a maximum deathmatch in Crysis 3 where the main concept of being the player with the most kills still applies. The differences are that involving difficulty because each shot will cause a player to lose more damage and there won’t be as much information displayed on the screen.


The next game mode in Crysis 3 is team deathmatch which is similar to deathmatch but now the players are split into two teams of six. The match still lasts ten minutes but now the team who has the most combined kills by the end will be the winning team.


It can also be cut short if one of the teams reaches a total of one hundred kills. Crysis 3 offers a maximum team deathmatch as well. It’s the same as the maximum deathmatch where the overall difficulty increases.


Hunter mode is a unique game mode featured in the multiplayer setting of Crysis 3. The players will be assigned the roles of hunters and cell operatives. There will be a total of two hunters and ten cell operatives in the beginning. The goal of the hunters is to kill all of the cells. After a cell operative has been killed they will respawn as another hunter.


There are five rounds that each last two minutes. If the hunters have killed every cell operative the round will automatically move on. The player who has earned the greatest amount of points by the end will be the games winner.


Another multiplayer game mode in Crysis 3 is called Crash Site. Players will be assigned to a team of six and they will go up against the opposing team. Crash Site is an objective based game where the teams want to be the first to control alien ships that have crashed.


The first player to reach one of these will stand in the control area and gather fifty experience points after ever four seconds pass. They will also earn five points for the team. The pod will eventually destroy itself and force the player out of it. Alien pods will continue crashing into the planet and the first team to reach a total of two hundred points will win.


Spear is also an objective based game mode in Crysis 3. Once again the players will be separated into two teams consisting of six players. There are three spears placed around the map and the goal is to be the team to capture them. When a player is within a close enough range of the spear they will begin capturing it for their team.


Multiple payers from the same team are able to capture the same spear at the same time. All of the player who assisted in capturing the spear will receive two hundred and fifty experience points and that team will earn one point after every five seconds. The first team to reach a total of one hundred points will win.


Crysis 3 also includes a game mode that is like any basic capture the flag. It’s called Capture the Relay and each team has a flag located in their base. The objective is to reach the opponents base, take the flag, and bring it back to your own team’s base.


By bringing the enemy flag home the team will earn a point, but only if their own flag is still there. There are two rounds and they each last seven minutes and thirty seconds. The team with the most points at the end of the two rounds is the winning team.


The extraction game mode is also in Crysis 3. This is another game mode that consists of various rounds and has an overlying objective. There will be two teams of six players who are assigned a role. The map in extraction contains two cells. One team will guard the cells from the other team.


The objective of the other team is to take these cells and send them off with a helicopter at their base. There are two rounds, lasting seven minutes and thirty seconds each, and the teams will switch roles at the end of the first round. By the end of the second round the team with the most points will be the winner.


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