Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Free Download

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Civilization 5 Gods and Kings Free Download Torrent Crack PC Mac Full Version

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Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Game Information

Game Name: Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Gods & Kings
Genre: Turn-based strategy
Developer(s): Firaxis Games
Publisher(s): 2K Games
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), Mac (OS X), Linux, OnLive
Release date(s): 19 June, 2012
PEGI Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Singleplayer, multiplayer
Supported Languages: English



Civilization 5: Gods and Kings System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2.0 GHz
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP SP3/ Windows Vista SP2/ Windows 7
Video Card: 256 MB ATI HD2600 XT or better, 256 MB nVidia 7900 GS or better, or Core i3 or better integrated graphics
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 8 GB


Civilization 5 Gods and Kings PC Download

Civilization V: Gods and Kings is an expansion pack for the turn based strategy video game Civilization V. This game was developed by Firaxis Games and was published in 2012 by 2K Games for the platforms; Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and Cloud OnLive. Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Free Download adds the aspects of religion and espionage to the Civilization V gameplay.


Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Crack Download PC Full Version Free Game includes a total of 27 new units, 13 new buildings, 9 new workers, 2 new eras, and 9 new civilizations available for play to the player. The new religion aspect features a mechanic with a resource of faith that enables the player to create their very own religion. Then the player can spread their religion if they wish to have a worldwide customized religion.


The features of Diplomacy have also been altered in Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Torrent Download Full Version Free to allow for espionage, foreign assemblies, and new religious and mercantile city-states. The city-states come with a new system of quests that allows them to use strategy.


Finally, Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Free Download features a new system of combat has been reformed to have a more intelligent AI, a longer early modern era, and improved naval combat and units.


There are three new scenarios that come with Civilization V: Gods and Kings Free Download. The first one is titled “Fall of Rome” and it is obviously centered on the decline of the Roman Empire. The second one is called “Into the Renaissance” and this scenario focuses on the religion aspect of the Middle Ages on into the start of the Renaissance era.


The third and final scenario in Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Download Free PC Full Version is called “Empires and Smokey Skies”, which is a Victorian steampunk themed scenario. Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Free Download Full Version PC Crack also features the Mongol campaign, which can be seen in the Mongol DLC as well.


Civilization 5: Gods and Kings PC Download Crack is bringing back the mechanics of religion so that the player is able to create their own religion that is customized to their beliefs. The use of religion leads to various in-game benefits. The player customizes their religion by the faith resource, almost how the culture and science aspects of the game work.


The player can spread their religion and they will do so through the use of Great Prophet, missionary, and inquisitor units that they can produce.


Religion is a bigger part of the game near the beginning and middle, but near the end around the time of the modern era it will gradually become less prominent. Spread your religion with Civilization 5 Crack Download Full Version Free PC.


Religion will have an effect on diplomacy and international relations. The Civilizations V: Gods and Kings Free Download consists of eleven different already existing religions; Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism, Taoism, Tengrism, and Zoroastrianism. Players are allowed to change the names of any of the pre made religions in Civilization 5: Gods and Kings Download expansion. Get other games such as:



Civilization V: Gods and Kings Screenshots