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Citizens of the Earth Download Free PC

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File size: 2.23 GB

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Citizens of Earth Game Information

Game Name: Citizens of Earth
Genre: RPG
Developer(s): Eden Industries
Publisher(s): ATLUS
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows PC
Release date(s): January 20th, 2015
PEGI Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Singleplayer


Citizens of Earth System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Info
CPU Speed: 2.2 GHz Dual Core
OS: Windows XP or above
Video Card: 512 MB NVIDIA GeForce 9800 / ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT
Free Disk Space: 2 GB



Citizens of Earth PC Download

Citizens of Earth is a role playing video game and it was developed and published by Atlus in January of 2015 for the platforms: Microsoft Windows, 3DS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Wii U. In Citizens of Earth Free Download the player investigates the world that was inspired by a real place. They Earths Vice President will gather a variety of people with different strengths to be on his team and fight his turns in battle for him so he can investigate and finally find out what’s happening.


Citizens of Earth Crack Download Free Full Version PC Torrent has the player take on the responsibilities of the Earths Vice President. The player is allowed to bring in different people for his battles by completing quests or playing through mini games. The games battles are based on turns and they are inspired by the game Earthbound. All of the people taken in for battle possess a special ability for the world as well as an ability for battle.


There are a total of forty citizens that may be recruited for battle in Citizens of Earth Download Free Full Version. One of them is the Barista and she is able to badly burn the enemies with a cup of coffee. She is also used to sell other members of the Vice Presidents party special power ups. The Vice President has a party of people that is made up of three people, one being the Baker. The baker bakes a powerful bread that is capable of regenerating the health of the citizens.


Each of the recruits in Citizens of Earth Crack Download PC Free make progress at their day job by participating in battles where they learn new skills, like the baker learning to make health restoring items. This is why it is a good idea for the player to switch back forth between their characters because they want them all to have a chance to level up and earn skills.


A major aspect of Citizens of Earth Torrent Download gameplay involves the customizing and adapting qualities of the world. Players are allowed to change the music that is playing the background of the game with their musician character, adjust the zooming mechanic through their beekeeper character, alter the time with the scientist, and mess with weather conditions through the weather lady.


Citizens of Earth Free Download takes its inspiration from a game titled Earthbound. The combat and overall design of Citizens of Earth Torrent PC Download is affected by this inspiration. The combat side of things includes the instant win system which sends the player directly to the victory screen without even starting the battle if they are put up against an enemy of a weaker status.


The gameplay content in Citizens of Earth Free Download is a lot and the player may not want to go through all of it, and they don’t have to. Players are enabled to skip over the unnecessary events and go straight to the main points in the game. These main aspects include missions and hunts for certain items.


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