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Cities XXL Download Free

File name:

File size: 8.14 GB

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Cities XXL Game Information

Game Name: Cities XXL
Genre: City-building, Simulation
Developer(s): Focus Home Interactive
Publisher(s): Focus Home Interactive
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release date(s): February 5th, 2015
PEGI Rating: 3+
Mode(s): Singleplayer, multiplayer


Cities XXL System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Info
RAM: 3072 MB
Sound Card: Yes
Free Disk Space: 8 GB


Cities XXL PC Download

Cities XXL is a city building video game that was developed and published in 2015 by Focus Home Interactive for platforms in Microsoft Windows. Cities XXL Free Download is part of the Cities series and it directly follows the Cities XL installment. The players will be able to make a design, construct, and keep up with their city.


Cities XXL Crack Download PC Full Version Free Torrent does not include very many features that are new to the series gameplay wise, so it’s very similar to the previous games. What Cities XXL Download Free does contain is a brand new look with the interface, as well as an improved gaming engine.


Cities XXL Free Download places the player in control of a city as the mayor. As the mayor of the city the player has a list of responsibilities. They have to make decisions concerning the locations of houses, assign plots for businesses and other buildings like offices or industrial infrastructures. Cities XXL Torrent Download Full Version PC offers over one thousand specific buildings and around forty seven styles of architecture.


Players must make sure their cities population remains happy with the mayor and what he does. The mayor can set up new recreational activities for the citizens around the community or build new landmarks. The people’s mood in Cities XXL PC Download Free Full Game will also be affected by the pollution status and attempts to protect the environment made by the city.


Cities XXL Crack Download Full Version Free includes a new environmentally friendly building called the park-and-ride. It also features greener forms of transportation, such as electric cars and a bike hire business.


Cities XXL Free Download PC Torrent allows players to have up to sixty five cities, each on a separate map. Players can import and export resources to and from their own cities. This is how the player will be able to manage the economy of each city. Thanks to the new feature in Cities XXL Free Download where there are five different environments spread throughout each map.


Certain cities will be able to trade with the players other cities for resources that can’t be found within their own city. A few of the things the player can actually trade in Cities XXL Free Download are: oil, water, waste management systems, and even employees.


The new engine featured in Cities XXL Crack PC Download Free Full Version Mac enables the player to further customize their city through its physical characteristics. The streamlined graphics user interface in Cities XXL Torrent Download Full Version Free Game makes it simpler to design the city you want. Instead of searching through hundreds of building of road variations the player can find specific items under the organization system.


There are different categories like type, region, or architectural style. Cities XXL Game Download Multiplayer feature a new system to changing the cities sky and mood too. Finally, Cities XXL Free Download provides a smoother experience for its players, whether their city be large or tiny, because of the all new upgraded game engine.


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