Zuma’s Revenge! Free Download

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File name: zumasrevenge.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 247.34 MB (download instructions found in .zip file)     Zuma’s Revenge! Game Information Game Name: Zuma’s Revenge! Genre: Puzzle Developer(s): PopCap Games Publisher(s): PopCap Games Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, Nintendo DS, iOS, Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network Release date(s): September … Continued

The Curse of Monkey Island Free Download

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File name: tcomi.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 1.19 MB (download instructions found in .zip file) The Curse of Monkey Island Game Information Game Name: The Curse of Monkey Island Free Download Genre: Graphic adventure, point-and-click Developer(s): LucasArts Publisher(s): LucasArts Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): October 31st, 1997 PEGI … Continued

Audiosurf Free Download

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File name: audiosurf.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 393.12 MB (download instructions found in .zip file) Audiosurf Game Information Game Name: Audiosurf Genre: Puzzle/Rhythm Developer(s): Dylan Fitterer Publisher(s): n/a Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Zune HD Release date(s): February 15th, 2008 Rating: PEGI : 3+ Mode(s): Single-player, 2-player-co-op, online scoreboard     Audiosurf … Continued

World of Goo Free Download

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File name: worldofgoo.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 510.50 MB (download instructions found in .zip file) World of Goo Game Information Game Name: World of Goo Genre: Puzzle Developer(s): 2D Boy Publisher(s): 2D Boy, Nintendo Platform(s): OS X, Mincrosoft Windows, Linux, iOS, WiiWare, Android, OnlIve, Blackberry 10 Release … Continued

Spore Free Download

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File name: spore.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 5.28 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Spore Game Information Game Name: Spore Genre: God game, life simulation, real-time strategy Developer(s): Maxis Publisher(s): Electronic Arts Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), Mac OS X, iPhone Release date(s): 7 September, 2008 … Continued

Grow Home Free Download

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File name: growhome.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 876 MB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Grow Home Game Information Game Name: Grow Home Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual Developer(s): NeocoreGames Publisher(s): NeocoreGames Platform(s): Microsoft Windows Release date(s): 4th February, 2015 PEGI Rating: 12+ Mode(s): Single-player   Grow … Continued

Scribblenauts Unlimited Free Download

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File name: scribblenautsunlimited.zip File size: 2.34 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)   Scribblenauts Unlimited Game Information Game Name: Scribblenauts Unlimited Genre: Emergent, puzzle, action Developer(s): 5th Cell Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Nintendo Platform(s): Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Microsoft Windows Release … Continued

The Talos Principle Free Download

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File name: thetalosprinciple.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 7.84 GB (download instructions found in .zip file)   The Talos Principle Game Information Game Name: The Talos Principle Genre: Puzzle, Action, Adventure Developer(s): Croteam Publisher(s): Devolver Diital Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), PS 3, PS 4, Xbox 360, Xbox … Continued

Never Alone Free Download

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  File name: neveralone.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 2.88GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Never Alone Game Information Game Name: Never Alone Download Genre: Puzzle, Platformer Developer(s): Upper One Games, E-Line Media Publisher(s): E-Line Media Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC), PlayStation 4, Xbox One Release … Continued

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Free Download

File name: legobatman3BG.gamehackstudios.zip File size: 8.96 GB (download instructions found in .zip file) Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Game Information Game Name: Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Genre: Action-adventure, role-playing Developer(s): Traveller’s Tales Publisher(s): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, … Continued