Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Free Download

Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Free Download

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Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Game Information

Game Name: Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom!
Genre: Strategy
Developer: Iron Helmet Games
Publisher: Iron Helmet Games
Platform(s): Windows 7
Release Date: 1 Mar, 2017
Mode(s): Single-player & Multi-player



Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! System Requirements (PC)

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium 4
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Graphics: Any
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 1 GB available space



Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! PC Download

Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! is a turn-based strategy board game from the developer of the infamous Neptune’s Pride. Take your treachery and backstabbing aboard a goblin pirate ship and set sail on the high seas.Earn Pirate Points for having the most Buccaneers (Goblin crew), Bounty (largest harvest), and Boom! (cannons) each turn. The first player to reach 30 Pirate Points is crowned the Goblin Pirate King.Choose how many turns to play and set the turn deadlines for your games (2 mins to 48 hours). Play a fast game with your friends in one sitting, or play a carefully considered strategy over days or weeks.

Hire some of the most despicable and underhanded goblins to join your crew. Choose from 15 different crew members to customise your ships. The Grappler will hold enemy ships in place while you attack. The Bouncer will ricochet cannonballs to attack multiple hexes at once. The Slaver will smuggle crew members from defeated ships.Build up the biggest ships and cities on the seas. Stack your ships and cities with unlimited levels of cannons, health, and armour. Upgrade your cities to improve your harvest. Cities can harvest food, wood, and metal from surrounding land hexes. Food can also be harvested from sea tiles with fish. The best bounty comes from rare treasures of the sea, such as mystic mermaids, precious pearls, and terrible tusks. Use these treasures to drive your economy and to hire goblin crew for your ships.Parle with the other pirate leaders to negotiate trades and make alliances. But remember, pirates are untrustworthy sods and everyone is vying to be the Goblin Pirate King!



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Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Free Download

Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Free Download

Buccaneers, Bounty & Boom! Free Download