Block N Load Free Download

Block N Load Free Download

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File size: 1.14 GB

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Block N Load Game Information

Game Name: Block N Load
Genre: MMO (Massively Multiplayer), Strategy, First-person shooter, Sandbox
Developer(s): Jagex Games Studio, Artplant
Publisher(s): Jagex Games Studio
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows (PC)
Release date(s): February, 2015
PEGI Rating: 13+
Mode(s): Singleplayer, multiplayer
Supported Languages: English


Block N Load System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Quad Core CPU (2 Ghz +)
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows Vista, 7 & 8
Video Card: Dedicated graphics card (Radeon HD 6770, GeForce GTX 550 Ti, NVidia GTX 650, or comparable)


Block N Load PC Download

Block N Load is a massively multiplayer sandbox video game that was developed by Jagex Games Studios and published in 2014 by Jagex Games Studios as well for the platforms on Microsoft Windows. Block N Load is similar to other sandbox games like Team Fortress and Minecraft. Block N Load gameplay consists of various objectives that the play can achieve using the construction aspects of the gameplay, such as building structures for defense or hiding in dug out trenches.


There are a total of six different hero characters for the player to choose from in Block N Load . Each character has different abilities and uses varying items and weapons. The first character is named Sarge Stone and he offers the benefits of having a machine gun and a rocket launcher. The weapons in Block N Load are capable of clearing paths through the world of Block N Load .


Another character in Block N Load is Juan Shinobi. If the player chooses Juan they will have access to ninja stars a Japanese sword that cause enemies to bleed a great deal. The third character on the list for Block N Load is named Nigel Purdy-Longshott. This character is known for hunting and killing lots of game. Nigel Purdy-Longshott’s weapons are a rifle and revolver. The rifle is actually capable of shooting enemies that are located a great distance from the player because of its high amount of power.


The final three characters available for play in Block N Load are Antony Tony Turretto, Cogwheel, and Doc Eliza Doolally. The character that comes with a short range shot gun and tools to fix blocks or turrets is Antony Tony Turretto. The Block N Load Free Character that features a cannon and mortar volley is named Cogwheel.


His cannon is able to rotate and the mortar volley launches mortars, eliminating even more enemies in Block N Load. The final character in Block N Load is Doc Eliza Doolally and she is provided with a caustic acid and gas clouds. The gas clouds in Block N Load use the area of effect concept seen in most RPGs and it causes instant death for those in the area.


The game play in Block N Load consists of two teams that each has five players going up against each other in a first person shooter style. Along with the first person shooter aspects Block N Load also incorporates the blocky feel of other popular massively multiplayer sandbox games.


All of the players in Block N Load have access to their inventory which holds all of the blocks and items they are allowed to place around the world. There’s are a great number of different blocks included in Block N Load , such as bounce pads, turret systems, sandbags, bombs, points for respawning, etc.


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Block N Load Gameplay Screenshots