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Besiege Game Information

Game Name: Besiege
Genre: Indie, Simulation
Developer(s): Spiderling Studios
Publisher(s): Spiderling Studios
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date(s): 28 January 2015 [Early Access] PEGI Rating: 12+
Mode(s): Single-player
Supported Languages: English



Besiege System Requirements (PC)

CPU: Core 2 Duo
CPU Speed: Info
OS: Windows XP (latest SP)
Free Disk Space: 1 GB


Besiege PC Download Full Version

Besiege is a physics simulation video game that was developed by Spiderling Studios and was also published in January of 2015 by Spiderling Studios for Microsoft Windows platforms. Building is the main aspect of the gameplay in Besiege Free Download. Players will build defensive machines that will protect their creations from various incoming enemies. The overlying goal in Besiege is to take over all of the other kingdoms by destroying their castles and killing off the people and animals of the kingdom.


Among the several types of items in Besiege is all of the armor. Players need armor to offer a greater amount of protection for their various vehicles and creations. There are three different shapes in which the armor is made and they each offer a slightly different form of protection. They all guard against specific attacks so not every type of block damage will be prevented. An example of something the armor in Besiege protects against is fire and arrows.


Besiege includes square, rectangle, and circular metal plates as armor for the building blocks. These metal plates come in a variety of shapes so that they will cover all block shapes that can be used in buildings. They possess the powers of heat resistance and pierce resistance so players can protect buildings from enemies with bows and arrows and explosive weapons.


The basic blocks in Besiege are the small wooden block, wooden block, motor wheel, steering hinge, and brace. The small wooden block is used for a majority of the buildings in Besiege. It’s what makes up the strong foundation of all of the players vehicles and machines. When it’s on its own it’s useless so player should connect other basic blocks to the small wooden blocks. The wooden block is also used for creating a foundation for other blocks but it’s bigger than the small wooden block.


The motor wheel is another basic block that can be added onto the player’s vehicles so they are able to travel. Without the steering wheel however it will only move in a straight line. Once the steering wheel is added on the vehicle is able to travel in a diagonal direction. The two types of wheels in Besiege are the motor wheel and the unpowered wheel. The motor wheels in Besiege can move without an additional source of power, while the unpowered wheel does require power.


Besiege features three locations: Isle of Ipsilon, Sandbox, and Moon. The Isle of Ipsilon is a location in the Besiege that includes fifteen sections on the island. The island as a whole is controlled by Queen Wynnfrith. The sandbox location is a place for players to test and improve their weapons and buildings so that they can be made in the most effective way. The moon is an additional location for Besiege that has yet to be released but will come out soon.


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