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A-Tech Cybernetic Free Download

A-Tech Cybernetic Free Download

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File size: 1.69 GB

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A-Tech Cybernetic Game Information

Game Name: A-Tech Cybernetic
Genre: Violent, Action, Indie, Early Access
Developer: XREAL Games
Publisher: XREAL Games
Platform(s): Windows 10
Release Date: 15 Mar, 2017
Mode(s): Single-player



A-Tech Cybernetic Requirements (PC)

OS: Windows 10
Processor: Intel i5-4590
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970
Storage: 2 GB available space



A-Tech Cybernetic PC Download

A-Tech Cybernetic is a visibly beautifully elaborated sci-fi game taking place at external and internal venues, whereby players are exposed to such effects and impacts, which are not possible for a human being to experience in real life without any dangers. The enemy consists of robots created by the humans, which are very realistic-looking enemies with an unbelievably detailed finish.While preparing our game, we put emphasize on that it shouldn’t be “another wave shooter”, but a real challenging creation, in which the accomplishment of each new level will be a real feeling of success. Besides this, as part of an interesting and exciting story, you can discover the secret of the A-Tech Cybernetic, in which the sense of thrill and fear are guaranteed.Our game is developed exclusively for VR platforms, exhausting all the possibilities to make you feel as if you were on another planet, but still in the reality. Our commands are adjusted to this as well, to make it as life-like as possible, be it physical fighting, shooting or pulling your bow.Firstly only the Swarm mode can be accessed. You will have the chance to liquidate the enemies raiding on you! Take possession of the weapons in your surroundings, and try to survive as long as possible! Pistols, machine-guns, shotguns and several other weapons will be at your disposal, to become the hero of A-Tech! But beware, if you run out of ammunition, you can only count on your fist! 🙂 Collect as many points as possible!



A-Tech Cybernetic Screenshots

A-Tech Cybernetic Free Download

A-Tech Cybernetic Free Download

A-Tech Cybernetic Free Download

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